Green School Activities

Tidy Towns/ Green School April Spring Clean 2018

Tidy Towns and Green School April Spring Clean takes place at 10 a.m. this Saturday 28th April meeting at the Kells Entrance. We plan to tidy up the entrance to the school and the Biodiversity area. Please bring gloves.

Green School Inspection on 16th April

Conor Craven from An Taisce visited our school on Monday 16th April. He inspected our Green School Folder, our plan of action over the last three years. He has lots of questions for our Green School Committee about our walk to school days, our Anti Litter initiative, our energy conservation measures, our water conservation programme and our Biodiversity plan. He took a walk around the school. He examined our school garden and our Biodiversity area at the Kells entrance. He commended all the work done over the last three years. We received a letter from an Taisce on the following Wednesday to say that we were being awarded our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity. We were very pleased. The ceremony takes place on Thursday 17th May in the North City Hotel in Gormanstown.

Useful sites recommeded by Conor are




Our School Garden

Thanks to all those who helped with the clean up of our school garden. Special thanks to Igor from our Green Schools who took the time on Saturday morning to come in and help. We planted primroses, cornflowers, bluebells, pansies. We painted the walls, Luke’s dad made a lovely birdtable. Our 5th class planted potatoes in a tyre and also a strawberry plants. The garden looks lovely.

Our Biodiversity Day

We enjoyed our Biodiversity day. All the classes from Junior Infants up to 6th class went on a Biodiversity trail and we have to find different species of shrubs, flowers, trees, insects and birds that are living and growing around our school. We all had a trail sheet and we had 22 different pictures of things to find. We did great dectective work. It was great fun and we learned lots!


Green School Committee Meeting 6th March 2018

Our Green School Committee were out at the garden viewing the sprouting daffodil and tulip bulbs that they planted. The snow had covered our whole garden for 4 days. We have also designed a bird table for our garden. Steve Luke’s Dad is making our bird table. We will put it in our garden beside the hedge. The birds need feeding especially during the big snow.

The litter wardens will remind the classes about the new rule to put all rubbish back into your lunch boxes. This means that we keep our school a lot tidier. When we go home we recycle all our rubbish.

Golden Boot Winners for February 2018

The WOW days continue every Wednesday. Rebecca and Grace trained in a few of the 6th class boys in and showed them how to change the fraction of walkers from each class on a Wednesday into a percentage. The classes with the highest percentage of walkers for the months of February were both 5th classes. Ms. Malone’s class had won the boot for the third time no . We have only two more WOW days left until Easter. After Easter we will have an inspection from An Taisce to see if we will qualify for our Green Schoool Flag.

Golden Boot Winners for November 2017

Congratulations to Mr. Lafferty’s 4th class and to Ms. Marley’s Senior Infants who are  both won the golden boot for October. They had the highest percentage of walkers for October. Thanks to our green school committee members  Rebecca and Grace for collating all the numbers and working out the percentages of walkers.

Weeding of Biodiversity Plot

Thanks to Róisín O’ Reilly, Corey O’ Reilly, Ultan and Evan O’ Reilly and to Frances O’ Reilly for helping with the weeding of the Biodiversity plot at the Kells entrance to the school. We hope to have another evening of weed pulling over the next two weeks.

Golden Boot Winners for October 2017

Congratulations to Ms. Malone’s 5th class and to Mrs. Rogers 1st Class who both won the golden boot for October. They had the highest percentage of walkers for October. Thanks to our green school committee members Alicja, Rebecca and Grace for collating all the numbers and working out the percentages of walkers.

Clean up of Biodiversity Site

Our Litter Sheriffs 

Our litter Sheriffs are doing a great job making sure that everyone brings their litter home. There is a huge reduction in the amount of waste in our bins. Everyone now puts their rubbish back into their lunch boxes and bring it home to recycle. The bin people also inspect the class bins to ensure that the correct materials are in each of the bins both green and black.

Lá na gCrann 5ú Deireadh Fómhair

Inniu lá na gCrann. Chuir Rang a Cúig síolta ón gcrainn cnócapaill and an daire agus an fáibhile i gcré. Ghearramar na cartúin. Líonamar iad le múirín.  Táimid ag súil  go bhfásfaidh siad go luath. Thugamar cuireadh don Coiste Ghlas páirt a ghlacadh. Cuirfimid scéal chugat faoi toradh cur an Fhómhair seo.


Litter Sheriffs 25th September 2017

All our Green School committee had been appointed as Litter Sheriffs. Their job is to ensure that no litter or food is left in the class bin but is put back in your lunch box and brought home for recycling. This means that our school bins are not put under pressure. We were in trouble with our bin collection men because they found food in our green bin. We are going to make sure that this does not happen again. Go Litter Sheriffs!


First Class Tour- Causey Farm

First Class went to Causey Farm today. The best part was jumping in the bog.




Our 5th WOW Day

It has rained for the last three WOW days. Depite the rain we still had lots of pupils walking to school.

Our Mini beast Hunt

Last week 2nd Class went on a Minibeast hunt. We brought special jars with little holes so that the insects could breathe. We took magnifying glass with us so we could see the bugs clearly. We had a sheet and pencils so we could tick off the things we found. We walked to the Biodiversity Area. There were loads of bugs there. We saw ladybirds, centipedes, snail shells, spiders, a cockroach, ants, wasps, a white butterfly, a little tidy bug that was yellow. We worked in pairs. We released all the bugs after we had examined them. Eva and Sophia wanted to keep their yellow ladybird because he looked so cute!

Written by Sophia, Sarah and Eva 2nd Class Mrs. Norton

The winners of the Golden Boot for September 2017

Congratulations to Ms. Malone’s 5th class and to Mrs. Rogers First Class who both had the highest percentage of walkers for our WOW days in September.

Our New Green School Committee 2015-2017 and our 5th Green School Flag

Green School Committee 2015

The new Green School Committee have been elected. They will be putting an action plan together to continue on the good work done by past committees under the guidance of Mrs Burns our Green School Co-ordinator. Our school is proud to have 4 green flags flying at our school. The fifth flag is for Bio diversity. We hope to achieve our 5th flag over the next two years.

Green School Committee

6th -Lauren Mc Kenna , Liam Murtagh

5th- Eoin Clarke, Kyrstal Muldoon, Ryan Carolan, Danny O’ Reilly

4th- Rhys Kelly, Rosie Sheenan, Alisha Gilsenan Daniel O’ Connell, Aaron Higgins [Sub]

3rd- Darren Comiskey, Olivia Jasinska, Ultan O’ Reilly, Kiera Crosby

2nd- Eva Fleming, Sarah O’ Reilly, Ryan Lavelle, Lauren Memery

1st- Kyrsztof Novakoski, Tara Mc Cabe, Niall Martin, Amy Owens

S.I.- Caitlin Lavelle, Adam Dolan, Annie Kelly, Josh Harper

Clean up of Biodiversity Area

The Biodiversity area was tidied up by the Green School Committee and scouts . They did a great job. They cut back the growth and now you can walk along the paths and view the bird boxes and insect  hotels and other wildlife.

Our Hens



Our 2nd WOW  Day

Today is a lovely dayfor 2nd WOW day. There were lots of pupils walking to school. Rebecca from our Green School Committee was the photographer today. We have new signs up to remind everyone to Walk to Schoo!

By Molly