“Cairde” is the name of our ASD  unit for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) pupils which opened in September 2014. We are getting a new  purpose-built building with 3 classrooms, a multi sensory room, a kitchen, a meeting room. We are looking forward to moving in for the next school year.

It is named Cairde as the pupils in our Cairde class are cairde to everyone in the school. They are integrated into classes for different subjects and they play in the yard with all of the other children. Ensuring that our Cairde pupils are central and integrated into all that goes on in our school is our priority. This ensures that they are absorbing lots of different and interesting learning experiences.




The following are the staff members of  Cairde:

  • Valerie Norton (Teacher)
  • Declan Lafferty  (Teacher)

◊ Kathy Barber (Special Needs Assistant)

◊ Carol Branyon (Special Needs Assistant)

◊ Kathrina Mc Elroy (Special Needs Assistant)

We will celebrate ‘Autism Awareness Day’ on Thursday 7th June.  There will be blue balloons all around the school. We have an information night for parents at 7 p.m. and we will show all the work and achievements of our wonderful pupils. We will also have a chance to view the new ASD unit.