More Science Experiements

The other experiment that 4th class did was to make catapults using lollipop sticks and rubber bands. Four lollipop sticks were stacked together and a rubber band put at each end to squeeze the bundle tightly together. The remaining two lollipop sticks were stacked together but only one end was secured with a rubber band. The unbundled end was opened enough to be able to slide the set of four sticks in between perpendicularly to form a cross. We finished our catapult by securing the body to the wings (diagonally at the point where the lollipop sticks intersect) by crisscrossing a rubber band from the back of the right wing to the front of the left several times. We used marshmallows as our projectile.  We held the set of four sticks with one hand, and pushed down on the angled stick just behind the marshmallow and let is off. It was great fun