U14 Feile championship

The girls gaelic u14 team were in the all Ireland feile championship. It was the first time the girls entered. They successfully won the shield. We are all very proud of them.

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Junior Infant Tour

Junior Infants had a fantastic day at the Crystal Maze. They enjoyed lots of activities, won lots of crystals and brought a beautiful crystal trophy back to school.
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4th class school tour

4th class went to Croke Park and Dublinia, a Viking History place.

Here are some quotes from the pupils who were there.” It was really fun and interesting, we learned a lot too”, “I enjoyed learning about how vikings lived and Croke Park was very cool because we got to see some of the player’s jerseys.”

Here are some pictures of their school tour.


5th class school tour

5th class went to a 1916 History Tour and went to blanch aquatic centre.

Here are some quotes from the students there. “We learnt a lot about the Easter rising and the tour was very good.”, “It was fun and the aquatic centre was a great experience.”, “it was good because we got to see a lot of interesting parts of irish history.”

Here are some pictures of their day.

IMG_0322 IMG_0328 IMG_0360 IMG_0378 IMG_0383 IMG_0387 IMG_0399 IMG_0402 IMG_0411

5th class Friends For Life

5th class celebrated their end of term with a party to mark the conclusion of the Friends For Life program which they completed with Mrs Burns and Mrs McLoughlin.

The pupils dressed in green as a reminder of the importance of using green thoughts to light the way and pave a path to a successful future.

Here are some pictures of their green clothes and artwork focusing on the underlying theme of promoting positive mental health among our peers


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Friends for Life Booster session 2016

The pupils in Ms O’Connor’s 6th class participated in the booster session of the friends for life program recently with Mrs. Mc Loughlin. Here are a few testimonials from some of the pupils in 6th class.

  1. “I loved trying out all the different breathing techniques e.g: milkshake breathing, visualisation. The pizza massage was great and really fun.
  2. “I liked the expressing our emotions game, designing the happy feelings collage. I enjoyed the milkshake breathing . It helps at home. When I feel anxious I know how to calm down
  3. “I found lots of ways to deal with situations that might have been holding me back – one thing I really liked was the way that I felt open to talk about anything and I knew that it would be respected and not repeated.

Mid Summer Concert

 Mid Summer Concert held on 21st June 2016

Thanks to our choir mistress Ms. Murtagh for a terrific show and for nurturing the amazing talent in our pupils through the school choir. Congratulations to our choir for providing a wonderful evenings entertainment.