2nd Class Tour to the Crystal Maze

Our School Trip

On Friday we went on our school tour to the Crystal Maze. We had to get to school early or we would miss the bus. When we arrived we had a little snack. Then we were split into teams. our team was the “Party Poopers”. Robert, Ryan, Amy, Danny, Sandra, Conor, Jack, Natasha and I were the Party Pooper team. I won the first crystal for telling a joke. First we solved some riddles. Then we played some giant Jenga. Then we were asked to run to the flags in the giant Maze. Then we went in to big river and it was freezing cold. Then after that we got changed and to on the bus to go home. Even through it rained we still had great fun!


5th Class work on Bio Diversity

Mrs. Burns and the 5th class students work on clearing weed in the Biodiversity at the entrance to the school. They pulled weeds and planted some shrubs. They plan to do more work as there is a lot of growth presently and it is difficult to keep the weeds at bay. They are working towards our 4th green flag for biodiversity.


Senior Infants School Tour to the Crystal Maze

Thanks to our teachers Mrs. Cassidy and Ms. Walsh and Stacey. We had the best day ever!

Report on Athletics in Shercock

There were 30 of us from 6th to 3rd class who went to the County Schools Relay reaces on Wednesday. We left early on the bus for Shercock running track. When we walked onto the running red track it felt soft, bouncy and was made from rubber I think. Soon there were lots of other schools joining us from around the county including our neighbours in Muff National School. We walked around the track to find out where we were starting and finishing the race. We did some warm ups and stretches with Ms. Carroll. The first team to run were the mixed team. They got through the heats and sadly didn’t win in the finals. Next was the Junior Boys and they won in the heat and came 1st in the finals winning gold medals. The Junior Girls also got through in the heats and came third in the finals winning bronze medals. The Senior Boys also got to the final but were unlucky in the finals to be beaten at the line. The Senior Girls team ran a great race and had a very close finish with the other team coming first on the line and our girls came second and received silver medals. Thanks to Ms. Carroll for traiing us. Thanks to Ms. Carroll and Mrs. Corbally for bringing us to this event. We had a good day and it didn’t rain.

By Andy 6th class