Green Schools- Bio diversity Project

Thanks to Anne Kennedy who brought shrubs for the Green School to plant in the Bio Diversity area beside the school. The pupils are undertaking projects to identify and learn about the plant, insect and bird life in the natural area beside the school. They will document the  variety of wildlife including plants, invertebrates, bats, birds and small mammals living in this area. They will learn about the workings of this natural environment and about the plants which help this area to thrive both as shelter and food for the animal life.

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Finals of Handball Tournament

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The Finals of the Handball Tournament took place today on the courts. They were very competitive games. The  skill of our handballers is of a very high standard. All the school came out to watch the finals and they were very tense and competitive matches. Congratulations to Conor Ward to Ava Mc Caul who were both winners in the tournament. Thanks to Mrs. Cunningham for organising the tournament. Everyone had great fun.

Active Week in Junior Infants.

Junior Infants were very busy during active week this week. We learned new skipping skills in our skipping workshop with Mark. Throughout the week, children enjoyed various activities at school and at home and also watched the thrilling handball final which took place at school today. Children illustrated wonderful pictures of their favourite activity/exercise. A very enjoyable week had by all.DSCN4699 DSCN4627 DSCN4628 DSCN4629 DSCN4630 DSCN4631 DSCN4632 DSCN4633 DSCN4634 DSCN4635 DSCN4636 DSCN4637 DSCN4638 DSCN4657 DSCN4658 DSCN4659 DSCN4660 DSCN4661 DSCN4662 DSCN4663 DSCN4664 DSCN4665 DSCN4666 DSCN4667 DSCN4668 DSCN4669 DSCN4670 DSCN4671 DSCN4672 DSCN4673 DSCN4674 DSCN4675 DSCN4676 DSCN4677 DSCN4678 DSCN4679 DSCN4680 DSCN4681 DSCN4682 DSCN4683 DSCN4684 DSCN4685 DSCN4686 DSCN4687 DSCN4688 DSCN4689 DSCN4690 DSCN4691 DSCN4692 DSCN4693 DSCN4694 DSCN4695 DSCN4696 DSCN4697 DSCN4698