Our Trip to Newgrange- 4th Classes

We went to Newgrange with Ms. Carroll and Mrs Boyle. Newgrange is a burial tomb in County Meath. It was built about 4000 BC [Before Christ]which is about 6000 years ago during the Stone Age. Newgrange was rediscovered in 1920 by workers while were looking for stone. They took away the rock and found two holes which they entered. They followed a tunnel which lead into a central space. Archaeologists then came and examined the site and cleared it and found a chamber with three graves and lots of decorated stones. They found out that the sun shines through the tunnel and lit up the tomb in the central chamber on the 21st December -the middle of winter. Workers came rebuilt Newgrange with the stones that they found. Newgrange is very famous because it is older than the pyramids in Egypt. It is a World Heritage site.

By Terence O’ Reilly