Friends For Life Graduation


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Congratulations to the two 6th classes who have completed the Friends For Life Programme. They received their certificates at the Friends party. The pupils made book markers to remind them of the skills they have learned from the Friends Programme and as a reminder to put these skills  into practice every day.

The word ‘FRIENDS ’ is an acronym that helps you to remember the coping steps:

F – Feeling Worried- Know the signs?

R – Relax and feel good

I – I can do it!

E – Explore solutions and coping step plans

N – Now reward yourself

D – Don’t forget to practice

S – Stay cool and SMILE!


Schools Relay Competition in Shercock

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Schools Relay Competitions took place at Shercock Athletic Track on Thursday 14th May. We had 30 pupils taking part in the relays. Ms. Carroll organised trials with pupils in 2nd to 6th class to pick the teams. The pupils   trained after school at O’ Raghallaigh Park. On Thursday the pupils and teachers Ms. Carroll and Mrs. Mc Loughlin headed off on the bus to Shercock. The expected rain stayed away and the the pupils had a most enjoyable day in Shercock.  The  Senior Girls’ team came 2nd winning silver medals and the Senior Boys’ team came 1st winning gold. Thanks to Ms. Carroll and Mrs. Mc Loughlin for supporting our teams. Well done to all who took part in the relays. We wish Jillian Farrelly a speedy recovery after her fall.